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position overview

Your role as a team photographer will primarily be to ensure that our engaged couples have a one-of-a-kind VIP experience with LVER from start to finish.

Our mission is to celebrate marriage and relationships, and the primary way that we do this is going above and beyond for our clients.

You will photograph weddings days both as a primary and a second photographer throughout the year. As a primary (lead) photographer, you’ll work with and manage your own clients and shoot your own weddings using the signature methodology of LVER.

We equip and train you to be a wedding photographer over the series of several months;  first as a second photographer (assisting and shooting alongside an experienced team photographer) and then as a lead photographer.

This is a part-time position which is somewhat seasonal, with April - November being "busy" season. Team photographers will work 20-30 weddings per year. Wedding days are typically 6-10 hours long. In addition to wedding days, team members also usually work 5-20 hours/week on client relationship management + team meetings. The weekday work hours are mostly flexible and remote. 

Photograph 20-30 wedding days + engagement sessions every year as both primary and second photographer.

Manage client + vendor relationships proactively and regularly.

Process + prepare client files for editing team by deadline.

Contribute new ideas + help problem solve at weekly team meetings.

Attend fun team events + get-togethers periodically.

Work for 5-15 hours/week remotely in addition to wedding days

Zero wedding photography experience needed to apply!

roles & responsibilities

skills & abilities →

Positive, joyful & energetic with a genuine enthusiasm to exceed expectations for clients.

Comfortable directing big groups and can command attention easily.

Excellent taste + refined eye for visual arts/design.

Fast learner who can admit failure, take ownership and rebound quickly.

Team-oriented thinker with excitement to invest in relationships long-term.

Reliable transportation and can drive to weddings, team events and engagement sessions with 50 miles of Washington, DC.

Availability on Fridays - Sundays, Tuesday mornings and periodically from 9am-5pm on weekdays.

skills & Abilities

To celebrate marriage & relationships.

Our mission

our values

We are excited and passionate about the work we do and the people we serve, never lacking in joyfulness or a positive attitude. Our mantra on every single wedding day is: “I want to give this client my very best work.” 

KPR stands for "Kindest Person in the Room." No matter who it is or where we are, we outdo others with kindness. This includes being humble, offering help, giving genuine encouragement + compliments, and making everyone feel welcomed & accepted always.

We constantly ask the question: "how can I go above + beyond for this person?" Our desire is to give every couple the VIP treatment and we do whatever it takes to make their experience with us incredibly special & memorable.

When given an assignment or client to manage, we understand that it is up to us to serve that client or complete that project to the very best of our abilities. We fail fast and learn quickly, being honest about mistakes. 

We are Hannah, Cassie, Sarah & Hannah Elise. Hannah founded the company in 2015. We create meaningful wedding photos that are the perfect mix of sophisticated & fun. We're based in Washington, DC and Naples, FL, with most of the team being in DC year-round.

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BEFORE YOU APPLY: important note

We look for candidates who are excited to work with us exclusively and long-term. This is not a good fit for someone who wants to start their own wedding photography business someday, as you will be required to sign a non-compete agreement.

However, you are more than welcome to own and operate a non-wedding photography business!

If you already have a wedding photography business, we are happy to assist you in transitioning and closing the weddings-side of your business to come work for us!


Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 
Full (8-10 hour) days, 20-30/year

Mondays - Thursdays
5-15 hours/week (flexible)

We are continually adding new photographers to our team! Even if you don't see an open position listed currently, please fill out a form so we can put you at the top of our list to review when positions are open!

team photographer application

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Thank you so much for applying to work with us! We will be in touch when we begin the hiring process if we think it's a good fit! Please feel free to email us in the meantime at if you have any questions.