Photographers are in a unique position to influence the feel and the mood of a wedding day, for better or for worse. The direction, the attitude, and even the smallest reactions can have an influence on you two and your friends and family. This matters to us.

All of those emotions, dynamics, and details, large and small - we pay attention to those. Through gentle but direct encouragement and a commitment to be the kindest person in the room, we create beautiful photos and an atmosphere that is relaxed, celebratory and fun all throughout the wedding day.

We are four unique personalities, but with a unified style, approach and philosophy towards wedding photography: to go above-and-beyond in every way to give you a wedding experience of a lifetime.

As your photographers, we create imagery that emulates your classic, chic style and honors each unique detail, making sure you look like your best and most beautiful self. We also document the joy, the laughter, the little moments, and the epic party. The results are a reflection of you: one-of-a-kind.

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Hannah bjorndal

Chief Creative director / FOUNDEr

Hannah founded La Vie En Rose in 2015. Combining her assortment of skills in the filmmaking and fashion photography world, she dove head-first into wedding photography. The business quickly grew to be a team effort, and since then, Hannah has completely fallen in love with managing and growing her talented team.

Dedicated to finding new ways to delight and go above-and-beyond for clients, Hannah has put most of her focus in recent years on developing new methodology, experimenting with new ideas and training team members to be completely aligned in style, form and approach. 

Hannah splits her time between in Arlington, VA and Naples, FL with her husband, Evan, and their tiny Yorkshire Terrier, Blue. In her free time, she enjoys playing doubles' tennis, sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir with friends and reading poolside.

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cassie tobias

lead wedding photographer

Cassie began her photography journey at the beginning of 2018 as an apprentice and assistant to Hannah. For  months, they worked closely together on wedding days and Cassie became completely immersed in Hannah's signature style and methodology.  It was the most natural and seamless transition when the two officially to joined forces later in the year.

But the true capstone experience of Cassie's wedding photography education came when she herself became a bride and experienced the other side of the wedding photography relationship. Working with Hannah as a client, her appreciation for the beauty and sacredness of wedding days deepened, as did her understanding of how to document a day with authenticity and attention to the details that matter most.

When Cassie isn't photographing couples, she enjoys practicing the art of latte-making with her husband, Michael, quiet mornings reading in her Alexandria home, and snuggling with her sweet son, Obi.

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sarah mills

lead wedding photographer

For nearly 10 years, Sarah has been working with clients and photographing wedding days. She was passionate about photography from a young age and studied photography in college, graduating with a professional photography degree in 2013. Her extensive technical knowledge and experience working with a diverse clientele made her an immediate asset to the La Vie En Rose team.

Even more than technical knowledge,  Sarah contributes her joyful, disarming nature to the team. She has the ability to always get "the shot," even under stressful and rushed situations. Dedicated to making her clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, she is originally from Georgia and is known for her easy-going nature, southern hospitality and ability to make anyone feel like an old friend.

Sarah lives in Frederick, Maryland and enjoys going on adventures with her husband, Josh, and their two pups, Georgia and Piper. She also loves home decorating and relaxing with a crisp glass of champagne.

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hannah Elise butts

lead wedding photographer

From her teenage years, Hannah Elise has had a passion for photography, initially experimenting with disposable cameras and then graduating to owning her first DSLR in high school. She first stepped into the professional photography world in 2014, focusing on family photography.

When Hannah photographed her first wedding, it was immediately clear that this was her true passion. She fell in love with the combination of intimate moments and epic parties, focusing on the opportunity to build a relationship with her clients over time. She joined forces with La Vie En Rose in 2021.

When she's not photographing weddings, Hannah enjoys quality time with her husband, Jon and two sons, Noah and Milo. She is an avid runner and has completed several races in Washington, DC, including a 10-miler the day after photographing a wedding. She loves being outdoors with her family and is always down to find the best ice cream or donut shop in town.

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