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position overview

Your role as a creative specialist has three main elements: shooting, editing & social media curation. This is a creative, fun and photography-filled part-time position that has tons of potential to grow into a larger photography and creativity role in our organization.

Our mission is to celebrate marriage and relationships, and the primary way that we do this is going above and beyond for our clients. Your role will contribute to going “above and beyond” by supporting our lead photographers on wedding days, helping deliver wedding galleries quickly and efficiently, and sharing our work online so others can find us. 

We equip and train you in photography, our editing style and a variety of other skills over several months. No photography experience is required! 

This is a part-time position which is somewhat seasonal, with April - November being "busy" season. You will work 15-30 hours/week, with the busiest months being May, June, September & October. Exact hours are flexible, but some deadlines require a very quick turnaround, so Tuesdays-Thursdays can be very busy.

This position is a semi-remote position which can be done from anywhere that has reliable, high-speed internet. Ability to travel to Arlington and Alexandria at least 2-3 days a week preferred.

Important Note: This is an exclusive position to a wedding photography team, meaning that this is NOT a good fit for you if you plan to run a separate wedding photography business now or in the future (other types of photography are OK!). We are looking for "all-in" team members who are excited to invest long term in La Vie En Rose.

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Assist and second shoot at 5-15 weddings/year

Edit weddings and engagement galleries in a short timeframe

Manage, post and interact on social media platforms

Contribute new ideas + help problem solve when issues arise.

Communicate with fellow team members about deadlines, project completion, and file transfer.

roles & responsibilities

skills & abilities →

Exceptional taste with a refined eye for color, design, style and the visual arts.

Detail-oriented to the extreme, determined to perfect the smaller, finer details.

Excellent organizational skills with an ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Team-oriented thinker with excitement to invest in relationships long-term.

Fast learner and self-starter with excitement to contribute new ideas.

Availability to work longer days with short deadlines, especially in April-June and Sept-Nov.

Availability to work on Saturdays & Sundays, especially in April-June and Sept-Nov.

Access to a computer with high-quality graphics.

skills, Abilities & Requirements

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To celebrate marriage & relationships.

Our mission

our values

We are excited and passionate about the work we do and the people we serve, never lacking in joyfulness or a positive attitude. Our mantra on every single wedding day is: “I want to give this client my very best work.” 

KPR stands for "Kindest Person in the Room." No matter who it is or where we are, we outdo others with kindness. This includes being humble, offering help, giving genuine encouragement + compliments, and making everyone feel welcomed & accepted always.

We constantly ask the question: "how can I go above + beyond for this person?" Our desire is to give every couple the VIP treatment and we do whatever it takes to make their experience with us incredibly special & memorable.

When given an assignment or client to manage, we understand that it is up to us to serve that client or complete that project to the very best of our abilities. We fail fast and learn quickly, being honest about mistakes. 

We are Hannah, Cassie, Sarah & Hannah Elise. Hannah founded the company in 2015. We create meaningful wedding photos that are the perfect mix of sophisticated & fun. We're based in Washington, DC and Naples, FL, with most of the team being in DC year-round.

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